Light Keeper is a creative design firm with comprehensive marketing capabilities. We specialize in commercial graphic design, web design, photography and video. Our services are used by architects, engineers, general contractors, developers, real estate professionals, creative agencies, commercial businesses, nonprofit agencies and public institutions. Our home office is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we collaborate with clients and team members located across the United States. Light Keeper was founded in 2004.

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Light Keeper is committed to understanding your business goals and promotional needs so we can help with your branding and marketing. Our project process includes three simple steps: 1 Identify Needs, 2 Production, 3 Delivery & Support

1 Identify Needs

Submit a brief description of your project to Light Keeper or call us to discuss. We will ask questions, brainstorm ideas and define the project scope together. Consider how you intend to use graphics and images. How do you envision the final product? What will it look like, how will it be used and in what type of media?


Please consider what sort of budget you plan to invest into the project. Light Keeper’s creative fees are based on assignment difficulty, technical and turnaround requirements. Additional expenses may include licensing stock images and fonts, print production and web hosting.


Project schedules vary based on project scope and deadlines. Light Keeper accommodates quick turnaround service demands and often works after hours in order to meet strict deadlines. All schedules are conditional upon receipt of content and client feedback.

Assignment Estimates and Agreements

Light Keeper provides assignment estimates and agreements that include detailed project descriptions, anticipated schedule and estimated fees and expenses.

2 Production

Production includes pre-production and post-production services, from preliminary research to final deliverables.

Graphic and Web Design

Light Keeper works in a pro-active manner and presents creative solutions to our clients for review and feedback. For graphic and web design projects, Light Keeper presents design alternatives and typically includes up to three rounds of revisions.


Text is an integral part of all communication strategies and Light Keeper reviews existing text for clarity, consistent grammar and format. We also write new text and edit as requested.


Light Keeper bases photography shooting schedules on location requirements and lighting conditions. Our standard post-production editing process includes image selection, perspective correction, contrast adjustment, color balance and sharpness. Advanced editing techniques include stitching, HDR and compositing.


Light Keeper produces short and exciting web videos as well as longer videos that expand topics more in depth. We capture eye-catching footage with good lighting and clean audio. Common post-production features include adding video transitions, title cards, music, voice over narration, captioning and other special effects.

3 Delivery & Support

Light Keeper’s deliverables are typically shared electronically via email or download. Deliverables for graphic design projects often include high quality and print ready pdfs as well as low resolution versions for email and online distribution. We provide web ready art in a variety of file formats. For photography, we submit digital proof sheets along with high resolution jpg or tiff files. We provide video in a variety of formats depending on how it will be used.

Light Keeper wants to ensure satisfaction with our services and provides support after assignment completion. Please let us know if you have questions about the deliverables and how they can be used.



Light Keeper has a successful track record of delivering quality creative services, meeting deadlines and adhering to budgets. We have created a wide range of design products, from logo design and brand development to books, product packaging, tradeshow displays and websites. Our photography experience includes capturing professional images of individuals and products, directing photography for major events as well as documentation of more than 5,000 real estate properties. We have produced videos for real estate firms, resorts and other commercial businesses.


Collaboration is essential to maximize efficiency, creativity and quality of work. Light Keeper understands that strong client-vendor collaboration is crucial for successful projects. We welcome client involvement and schedule meetings with new clients to learn about your company, products and services. 

Cross collaboration between different disciplines is also important and we frequently team with talented print and web designers, marketing professionals, filmmakers, writers and editors.


Light Keeper takes a genuine interest and invests significant efforts into each assignment. We work efficiently to ensure timely project delivery.   

Expediting Tasks

Light Keeper uses scripts and image batch processing tools to automate repetitive tasks. We design templates and create systems that help standardize production processes. We create searchable image databases to quickly review, edit and manage large quantities of images. We provide Digital Asset Management (DAM) services that keep brand components and content organized and easy to find.

Managing Workload and Requests

Light Keeper carefully monitors and plans project workloads and schedules. We are accustomed to working on multiple projects with tight deadlines. We keep team members informed on upcoming deadlines and communicate frequently with clients and outside vendors.

Quality Control

Light Keeper creates checklists that identify all project tasks, deliverables and deadlines. We refer to the checklists throughout the project to ensure that nothing is missed.


We recognize the importance of continuing education and stay current with industry trends and new technology development.

Light Keeper is Licensed and Insured


Benny van der Wal

Benny van der Wal is the owner of Light Keeper and the Creative Director. He works closely with clients to achieve their goals, and he manages projects to ensure that they remain on schedule and within budget. Benny has been a leader on many promotional campaigns, providing direction for design and collaborating on comprehensive marketing strategies. He has worked for international websites and magazines as well as top creative agencies since coming to the United States from his native Sweden.

Benny’s professional highlights include designing print and digital promotional content for five-star resorts and hotels, managing proposals for real estate developments valued up to one billion dollars and managing the graphic design department for an international design firm. Benny also created thousands of architectural photographs for national commercial real estate firms, and he provided photo editing services for an international magazine published to 500,000 subscribers.

Benny’s personal and volunteer work in the art community includes exhibiting his personal work to the public, mentoring emerging artists and contributing articles to journals. Benny believes that inspiring creativity in arts and culture is an important investment for all communities. The benefits to society include stronger critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as increased understanding of different views and perspectives. Benny’s personal work has received international recognition and is displayed in museums, art galleries and other public and private institutions. To see his personal work, visit BennyvanderWal.com.

Benny graduated Summa Cum Laude from the MFA in professional photography program at Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, California. His continuing education includes Adobe Photoshop World and the Utah Digital Marketing Collective.


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